5 Fandom Friday: The Halloween Candy I Always Look Forward to When Trick-or-Treating

Hello lovelies. I’m back, finally!! I’ve had so many difficulties with my internet, phone and laptop these past two weeks. Technology was not my friend. But here I am and ready to participate in 5 Fandom Friday, better late than never right?



1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Oh these are my all time favorite candy period. Since the first time I had one I was hooked. Such peanut butter goodness…yum!


2. Cherry Jolly Ranchers

When it comes to hard candy these win hands down. While the other flavors are ok I don’t bother with any of them. I only want cherry ones.


3. Haribo Gummy Bears

I love these squishy candies so much. I could and have eaten a whole bag by myself. When I was pregnant with baby #3 these were one of my cravings, people would surprise me with bags of these.


4. Strawberry Laffy Taffy

Ooey gooey yumminess, and the jokes are cute.


5. Candy Corn

Halloween just isn’t Halloween without some good ole candy corn. I know they now come in different flavors and colors but just give me some of the traditional ones and I’m a happy gal.

Here you have it, my 5 favorite Halloween candy, although I could eat this candy anytime time. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy??


5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Like to Dress Up As for Halloween

Hello again and welcome to my late link up post for 5 Fandom Friday. This week ill share with you characters I would like to fess up as for Halloween. As always this was a fun prompt and had me thinking about so many ideas. It was hard to narrow it down but here it goes.

Jean Grey: I have always loved Jean Grey since the first Saturday morning I saw her on TV while watching the Xmen animated series.

Lulu Final Fantasy X: While I myself don’t play the Final Fantasy games my brother is a huge fan and I would watch him play. When I saw Lulu I thought she would be great to dress up as. Her outfit has such character and loads of detail.

Bulma: Dragon Ball Z is another favorite series of mine. Dressing up as Bulma could be cute and fun.

Tank Girl: I’ve always loved seeing people dress up as Tank Girl. She’s so outrageous and over the top. Another fun character to do.

Gambit:I guess you can see a trend here. Doing a female version of Gambit is in my to do list.

With so many great characters to choose from it’s hard to make a choice. If only Halloween were everyday. What would you like to dress up as?