Sparkly Vibes: June

Some of my good things and vibes from the past month.

pink blooms horisontal

Hello cupcakes and welcome back to another Sparkly Vibes post. If you remember from my first post I wanted to highlight some of the good things that have been happening. I think it’s a good way to reflect, and be thankful.


Sparkly Vibes:

  • Free time with my family. It’s been so nice just being able to spend time with them. I could get use to not having classes. I have to enjoy it before they ramp up in August.
  • Online friends. Guys you are so awesome, and inspiring! Honestly I can’t believe how supportive you are.
  • Traveling to NYC. It’s been too long since our last trip. So I was all for going this past weekend.
  • Mac lobster…. so so good. We went to the Mac Bar in Soho and this was so yummy.
  • Overwatch, if you been on my SnapChat you’ve seen that I’ve been playing just about everyday. And what is especially nice is that I won my copy from the guys over at Astral Authority.
  • Twitch: I actually streamed and plan on doing more streaming. It’s been fun not just watching gamers, but people streaming other things like their cosplay process. Check out XoMiaMoore  over there, and Imperialgrrl who Mia recommended and I’m glad she did. I’m streaming over at MermaidKisses feel free to add me.
  • Booking my first cruise. It’s not until 2018, but I’m so excited to be going with my family.
  • My Happy Planner, guys I think I finally found the right planner for me. I love it so much I’m going to be giving one away later this month. Check back for that.
  • Lemonade, it’s Bey what else can I say.
  • Summer, yay!!! I’m all about the beach and warm weather. I have noticed an improvement in my mood ever since the sun started staying out longer.

What are some of the good things that have happened to you? Share your sparkly vibes with me. 




  • Kay

    Sounds like an excellent kick-off to summer! Lately my sparkly vibes include my a weekend getaway with friends WITHOUT our kids…it was amazing, and my first time taking a trip without my kiddo! Definitely a relaxing kick-off to my summer .

    • Desiree

      Oh that’s awesome. Me and the hubby were able to have a getaway without the kids in April for the first time in years. So so nice.

  • Yay for Happy Planners!! I’m glad you love yours, they’re just so cool. The Mac Bar sounds freakin fantastic, I’m so jealous!

    • Desiree

      It was so so yummy. Yes I can’t wait to be fully using it. It starts in July. I have just been decorating and stuff lately.

  • Danielle Knapp

    How fun you booked a cruise – they’re so much fun ­čÖé

    • Desiree

      I’m excited! Hopefully is a nice experience.