Review: Ka-Brow by Benefit

Hello cupcakes. This past Sunday I was invited by Sephora to a VIB Rogue event where I got to preview some items that are not yet on the market. It was nice to see the products, and have the store mostly to ourselves since it was a closed event. While there I asked about a few products and ask for suggestions for eyebrow products. The overly gal recommended Ka-Brow, and eyebrow color gel (cream?) by Benefit. 

 I currently use powder for my brows, and explained to her the issues I had with wiping it away at times, and how I felt it got darker at times. She assured me with this product I wouldn’t have those problems. Once the gel sets it’s on. I was intrigued as she proceeded to show us how to use it. 

It comes in this little silver container, along with a booklet with instructions and tips. At first I thought this won’t do, I’ll probably go through that so fast. You twist the piece and the bottom comes off to reveal a small pot of gel, the top then comes apart and there’s a brush there.

My brows are dark so we went with the shade in the number 6, my friend’s brows are lighter and she was able to find a natural looking match for her too. So you use the gel by dipping the brush into the gel and applying it onto your brows. I warn you though all you need is a dab, a little goes a long way. 

You can fill in your brows for a natural look, and build up from there for a more sculpted look. However you like your brows to be this product can get you there. The staying power is amazing. You have about 2-3 minutes to work with the gel before it sets, allowing you to build it up or dab some away if need be. I’ve used it a few times now and my brows look just as good at the end of the day as they did in the morning. I live in Jersey and it’s been hot and humid these past few days, but that has not made this gel budge. At night it was easy to take off with the makeup remover I use.  

With just a teeny dab I was able to draw out these 3 lines on my hand. All the worries I had of using this product up quickly have been laid to rest. I am positive that this little pot is going to go a long way. 

I’m more than happy to have picked this up. It’s so easy to use and versatile. Whether I’m going for a natural look or a more dramatic one, I can achieve it with this. The sales girl did inform me that Ka-Brow isn’t scheduled to be released until late June, early July. Once it goes on the market you should stop by Sephora, or a Benefit counter and try it out for yourself. Now that summer is upon us the last thing we need to worry about is our brows getting jacked up, Ka-Brow will make sure they don’t. 

What new products are you looking forward to try? What are your fave beauty products? I’m always looking for suggestions and new things to try.



  • Danielle Knapp

    I LOVE Benefit products…can’t wait to try this!

    • Desiree

      Me and my girlfriend keep raving about how great the staying power is. Def check it out.

  • If been looking at all the new Benefit brow products and had no idea where to start – but this gel looks exactly like what I need.

    • Desiree

      Stop by the counter and try it out.

  • I’ve always loved their packaging. So fun!

    • Desiree

      Agreed, their packaging is always so cute and fun.

  • Their packaging is way too cute!! This is something I’ve been meaning to try out since my eyebrows have been all wonky lately, so totally look into giving this brand a try!

    • Desiree

      I like it because it stays out unlike powder which can be wiped away by mistake >.<

  • I love Benefit they think of every little detail (and let’s not talk about the packaging!). I’m blonde so never really fill in my eyebrows, not sure it would work for me! The Blonde B

    • Desiree

      The packaging is so cute. My friend that went with me has light brows and was able to find a natural looking color. I say test it out and see if they can match you.

  • I wanna try this out! I’ve been thinking about getting some brow stuff! Their packaging is super cute!

    • Desiree

      It’s out now. You can stop by a counter and give it a whirl. And their packaging is always so cute and fun.