On the Small Screen: Recap OITNB

Hey y’all. So because of school and life I have fallen behind on most of my shows. This sucks for me because I’ve been dipping and dodging spoilers as much as I can. I was finally able to catch up and finish two shows this past week. Here’s a quick review, and  as always I try not to give any spoilers.


Orange is the New Black

Okay so I’m a big fan of the show, however this past season wasn’t the best for me. Now I’m fully aware that all seasons won’t be stellar, I’m realistic. I’m not even saying it was a bad season, it was just sorta lacking. It still had it’s funny parts, which is one of the main reason I watch really. 

This season we’re back with the prison under new management, which affects everyone there. Staff and prisoners alike are trying to make adjustments. Along with the new management, they have bought in some new, secret high paying job that all the inmates are dying to get a spot in. We also see Dayanara facing the all too real soon to be birth of her baby, and trying to figure that whole situation out. Her relationship with her mom is also digger into deeper, and while at times she can be a bitch you get that deep down she really wants to do good for her kids and what’s best for them.

I love most of the characters, except Piper she just has begun to piss me off. I don’t know what it is about her, but yeah I’m over her. The whole panty scheme she has going on while creative has lead her to think she has some sort of power ala Godfather. This is causing a bit of tension between her and Alex. It’s ok, ultimately she’s put in a bit of a predicament. Ha!!


I love seeing the background for all the characters also, and I’m looking forward to seeing more stories in the upcoming season. I feel like the writers do a great job in this area. Letting us into the character’s before prison, the mistakes that were made and circumstances surrounding their choices. I especially liked seeing Chang’s background and have grown fond of her character. Besides she’s like super resourceful! Seeing more of her character, and understating her past has opened a spot in my heart for her. I also liked that the writers touched on depression this season. One of the characters is having a hard time and is affected by it, and let’s just say it wasn’t dealt with too well by the staff.

So while this season was a bit underwhelming, I’ll still be tuning in for the new season. It did end with a cliffhanger of course, and it was set up nicely. All the gals were having a bit of a break, but we see that won’t be lasting long. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds.


Season 4 premieres June 17, so I’m kinda glad I put off watching the last season until now. I don’t have to wait so long to see what happens next. I have to say I am excited for this season. I feel like it’s going to ramp up again. We’ll see if I’m right about that.


Are you watching OITNB? Who’s your favorite character?