What I’m Playing Now: Mobile Games

Hello cupcakes and welcome back. Today I want to share with you two games I’m currently addicted with. They help me kill time in between my meetings. 


So as the title suggests this is pretty much a stacking game. The pieces move back and forth and you have to tap it at the right time to stack it on top of each other. Easy right? Not so easy actually. Whenever you miss stacking it correctly whatever amount or piece that’s hanging over the edge falls off, which now makes your piece smaller. And the higher you get the faster the pieces move back and forth. I’ve only made it to about 47 or so. It’s really entertaining and the color schemes are nice to look at. Every time you start a new game a new color scheme starts. The pieces start off as one color and gradually change. 

Sailor Drops

Of course I’m playing Sailor Drops, how could I not. It’s a puzzle game where you match up lines of jewels (like Candy Crush but jewels instead), in order to score. Different combinations of matching make a special jewel. The levels vary from regular ole beat the score, to timed ones, collect the accessories, and one where you’re up against the villain. Everything is extra fun because of the Sailor Moon theme, well at least to me it is. However there are some downs. Initially it kinda lags a bit to start up, not like crazy but enough to be annoying at times. Also you get interrupted by the characters. Like you’ll be on a roll and all of a sudden whoever you’re playing as will pop up and cheer. While the concept is cute, it becomes annoying. I’ll be in the zone and bam a scout pops up and interrupts my game. It’s by no means a deal breaker. Also if you have like 5 moves left and it doesn’t seem like you’re gonna win your character starts giving you disappointing looks, and gets all down. I find myself telling it, “Hey now you don’t know that I’m gonna loose this board, I could still pull it out somehow.” This game is right up my alley since I’m probably one of the free people that still plays Candy Crush. 
What games are you currently playing on your phone? 



  • Emma

    I NEED Sailor Drops in my life. I’m also intrigued by Stack, but I know I will get addicted to it so I best steer clear.

    • Desiree

      I say you need both in your life! My only problem with Stack which I forgot to mention in my post is the ads at times. But that’s expected with most free games.

  • Kay

    While I am so obsessed with Sailor Moon Drops, I have to agree the characters popping up does drive me nuts! Stop breaking my combos!! đŸ˜€ Also, this game occasionally crashes on my phone, which is annoying as it loses a life if I’m in a level. But I don’t think that’s a game problem, I think it’s probably (old, kinda crappy) phone haha.

    • Desiree

      I think everyone gets annoyed with the character interruptions. If they could scale back on it a bit I would be SO happy. Oh no not cool to loose a life like that. I have yet to experience crashing.

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’ve been avoiding downloading Sailor Moon Drops cause I know I’ll be addicted haha

    • Desiree

      It really is addicting! Just the right amount of cute and fun.

  • Stack sounds right up my street! I love bubble pop games usually! But I want a couple of new games to keep me entertained waiting for this baby to make an appearance!! Any other suggestions would be welcome!!

    • Desiree

      Oh the waiting game, I know it too well. Stack will keep you occupied for awhile. I’m also playing the Kingdom Hearts game on my iPad, which I may do a review on later. It’s more of a RPG type game. Very cute and of course has all the Disney characters. Another bubble popper I was playing is Charm King.

      • Thanks! I’ll have a look at charm King! I need things to play when I lose all my lives in one game and they make you wait hours or buy more lives!

        • Desiree

          Ugh yes that’s the only downfall with these games. The time it takes to refill your lives.

  • I LOVE Stack! I unlocked all the skins for the blocks though so I don’t play much any more. That app developer, Ketchapp, makes so many pretty and addictive games! I really like Swing, Skyward, and Walking Pet:P

    • Desiree

      Oh I’ll have to check those other ones out. I’m not sure if I have unlocked all the skins.

  • Stack is so rad!!! Love it! I’m also playing Sailor Drops, but I guess my favorite atm is Disney’s Tsumtsums LOL (A Line game). I got so hooked by it LOL