Why I’m Loving T Pain on Twitch

T Pain on Twitch is one of the most entertaining streamers I’ve seen.

So if you’ve been on Twitter you may have heard that T Pain was streaming on Twitch. At first I was like okay, no biggie, but then I was intrigued to go watch.

Watch live video from tpain on www.twitch.tv

Guess what? I was pleased with what I saw and heard. I think it’s just refreshing to see superstars be everyday people like you and me. Now I’m fully aware that many of the rich and famous play video games, however seeing it first hand is pretty awesome. As I watched and heard some of his comments, he became more like one of us. When he says at one point he was proud to have killed an opponent on Overwatch, I thought to myself that’s how I feel too when I finally eliminate someone. Check out video of his stream and see for yourself what the hype is about (you have to get about 7 or so minutes in before he appears). Currently his game of choice seems to be Overwatch on PC, but he’s also played Doom.

Watch live video from tpain on www.twitch.tv

Not sure how long this will last, or how frequent it will be. What I am sure of is that as long as he’s streaming, I’ll pop in and watch when I can. He’s commentary and peppering in of vocals (and yes he has a set of pipes) is everything. I’m here for gamer T Pain.

I’m Mermaidkisses on Twitch, as of now I have yet to stream, but plan to one day. Are you one Twitch? Let’s follow each other. If you don’t stream who are some of your favorite streamers? 



  • Mariah Kaercher

    I haven’t really used Twitch all that much but its always nice watching stars geek out over stuff.

    • Desiree

      Agreed! It’s nice seeing them get excited about the same things we do.

  • This is awesome. I’ve been on twitch for a while, mainly for my friend TJ’s stream where I am a mod (tjsmithgaming)… but fell out of the community some. But now I have a new community of friends whom I enjoy dearly.

    I used to stream some, but school got in the way and now I have 2 roommates for the summer I have to share the internet with. So I’m on a break. But I cannot wait to get back with some game streams, and my most popular one, my cooking streams! đŸ˜€ I’m myadorkablelife on there if you ever want to check me out someday.

    • Desiree

      I did my first stream this past week, but it didn’t archive. Doh!! Omg a cooking stream?! Yes I’ll def add you. I love the new streams that aren’t just games. It’s nice to see the different sides of people.