Since I’ve Been Gone

Hello cupcakes. Well as you can see my plan of updating once week was a major fail. I’ve managed to post only 1 new video on my You Tube channel which I forgot to mention here, doh!! No worries I’ll post it down below. 

So here’s the deal, I love to blog and make videos. It’s an outlet I quite enjoy, but with school it’s just super hard to keep up with. I feel guilty for not being to put out new content, and for not being able to keep up with ohter’s blogs and YT channels. It’s not from lack of trying, every morning I wake up and try to get to at least 3-4 videos or blogs before getting out of bed. However I’m missing out on so much still. This has lead me to start thinking of ways to keep content rolling out while I’m at school, and how I can keep up with other’s things. I enjoy reading about books and movies people liked (or didn’t), I love seeing everyone at Cons, and the latest collectible added to a collection. So I’ve began brainstorming, and mapping things out. I’m hoping to have a better system once my semester starts again in August. In the meantime thank you to those who have stuck it out with me, and check in on my blog/YT channel even though it’s drier than the Sahara right now. I’m almost done this semester, and after May 10th (okay maybe May 11th, I’ll need a day to recuperate after my final),  I’ll be free to make updates and create videos.  

Mod Cloth Haul

Also I got the above photo from Helene over on Helene In Between, her site is full of all sorts of blogging tips.

Any and all types to stay organized and on top of making content is welcome and appreciated. How do you organize yourself? How do you just keep up with things in general? I feel like I’m behind on life, not just this blog. 



  • B.

    I’m always behind on life so I have no advice! LOL Except to just try and enjoy it!

    • Desiree

      That’s probably the best advice available! I’m been trying to not stress so much about it, especially since it’s out of my control. Thanks!

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’m so terrible at blog organization despite my best efforts. Yay for a break from school though ­čÖé

    • Desiree

      Yes yay indeed, I need it! Oh but at least you get loads of awesome content out.

  • I feel your pain Desiree! School is always dragging me slowly under. I’m trying to cram as much as I can in before I run out of money. It’s been tough to stay the lease.

    • Desiree

      Ugh, yes I know what you’re saying. Best of luck with your classes.

  • I fail at blog organization too, hahah. You can do it!!

    • Desiree

      Lol, glad I’m not alone. Thanks!