February Style Recap

Hello fabulous people. Here we are March 1st, woo we’re getting closer to spring. I’ve already noticed the sun staying out a bit later and I’m getting excited. March is going to be busy, busy. Two of my kids have birthdays, including Squish who turns 1!! Before I go getting into more March stuff I want to recap February a bit, well at least the clothes I wore. So in January I say on my bed and was going through the whole I don’t have anything to wear spiel as I stared at a closet full of clothes. I then decided I needed to give myself a style jumpstart. I have clothes I just needed to style them differently and perhaps buy just a piece or two more. So I set forth to find a style challenge on Instagram and made it a pint to participate as much as possible. I did the the #wearwhatwherefeb challenge hosted but the lovely Katy (@wearwhatwhere). She’ll be hosted another for March, if you want the prompts to join in head on over to her page and find the post. Oh and let me know so I can follow you, or if you just want me to follow you just because that’s fine too. So here are my fave “style” picks for February.


So one of my goals with this challenge was to try to not go to my go to colors of black and grays. I think I did pretty good.

What are your go to colors? Do you have any style challenges you participate in? Any recommendations for me? 

Until next time.



  • shelby

    First, lemme say that I love the way you do your eye liner and your lip colors were on point! Your style was very fun this past month and I love the printed leggings and the polka dot shirt! My go-to color is blue, I think. But I just bought a purse that’s magenta, so I’m really excited to break that thing out!

    • Desiree

      Thanks hon. I love blue and all the blues shades but for some reason don’t buy much to wear. I may try to incorporate it more into my clothes. Oh a magenta purse sounds lovely. Magenta really is a nice color.

  • Manchester Flik Chik

    That sequin jumper is wild and I love the flower print skinnies or are they leggings?

    • Desiree

      Thanks!! They’re leggings. I wasn’t sure if I could pull them off but I’m glad I purchased them.