Review: L’Occitane Shea Butter Lotion

Hello cupcakes. As most of you know winter is upon us and man is Jack Frost doing the most right now. The temps are frigid and the snow is falling. Which means are skin is suffering. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is dry, ashy hands. I think we can all agree that that’s just a no no. Today I’m doing a review on a lotion I’ve been using for the past two months.

Back in November I came across a L’Occitane store and had to go in. I had seen their products before and had been meaning to try them so I figured why not now. I ended up picking up their dry skin Shea butter lotion, in travel size. It’s a 1 ounce tube, which has 20% Shea butter in it. You can find it online on the L’Occitane site or on Sephora for about $12.



So as I said I’ve been using this lotion for about two months and I love it. It’s so creamy but not extra greasy. So once you rub it it in it soaks into your skin but doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy, which I hate.



It’s odorless which is a plus for those of us with sensitive noses. I can honestly say it’s one of the better lotions I’ve tried. My only gripe is the price. For $12 I wish I had a bit more than a ounce. However two months later and I have about half the tube still left because you don’t need to use much.

Overall I give it a 9 out of 10. I’m so pleased that I plan on trying out more of their products so be on the lookout for those reviews.

What is your favorite lotions? Any products that are your go to for winter? Let me know so I can check them out.

Till next time loves.


  • shelby

    Oh! I love L’Occitane, even though I agree that their prices are a little exorbitant. However, for a high quality product, paying a little extra isn’t so bad! Their hand lotion is good for people who wash their hands a lot because it’ll last 4-6 washes. And their lavender bubble bath is awesome!

    • Desiree

      Agree, while I wish I got a bit more for my buck I still think it’s worth it. Lavender bubble bath sounds lovely, may have to try that next.

  • Manchester Flik Chik

    This! This is it, the luxe hand cream I’ve been searching for that’s thick but not greasy and without a flowery sent that will annoy the Bloke. Thanks so much for reviewing this :0D

    • Desiree

      Yes give it a go and let me know what you think!