Bits and Pieces

Hello lovelies. Last week I was taken out by the worst sinus infection. Actually almost all the camp here was suffering through something, allergies or asthma due to the change of weather. Needless to say between that and class I was very unproductive when it came to here which is why I just putting together some bits and pieces from last week for today’s post (this post is full of Squish pics, be warned).

Being sick and a mom doesn’t mean mommy duties stop. While the Mr did let me rest and took over when he was home, I still had to attend to the kiddos when he wasn’t.

Squish was all about playtime, and even with a pounding headache how could I say no??

The middle child and the Mr. worked on his Pipboy for New York Comic Con next week.

The oldest turned 15 (man time flies!!) so we took him to Red Robin. I was pretty miserable there because of a sinus headache and it was so loud. Judging by this pic I think Squish thought it was too loud too.

I tried enjoying my Banzai burger but again when you’re sick your tastebuds don’t function properly. Overall we had a good time and the oldest was pleased.

Lastly I’m super excited for the return of The Walking Dead. Here’s a bit of my Funko collection, I’m still working on completing TWD minis and regular sized Pop! sets.

While being sick sucked it made me realize something, I need to schedule more posts and keep some drafts on hand. Had I had something thought out, or scheduled already I could’ve just published those instead of attempting to blog while sick and coming up with nothing. So that’s another thing I’m adding to my to do list.

What are some of your blogging tips or to dos?


  • Kendall Ashley

    I hope you’re feeling better. We’ve got an office cold running amok around here right now, and I fear it’s about to hit me. And have so much fun at NYCC! As for blogging tips–as someone who used to blog by the seat of my pants, I HIGHLY recommend schedules. Makes life a lot easier. Even if they’re super quick posts, it makes me feel more on top of things to know that I have at least a few posts ready to go.

    • Desiree

      Thanks hon. Yes it seems there’s a lot going around lately, hope you don’t catch anything. Thanks for the advice. I’m def going to start planning ahead more. I want to be more active, blog more and am realizing that like the rest of my life I have to schedule it.

      • Kendall Ashley

        Yep. It seems so weird to be so schedule-y with a blog (I was hesitant to start scheduling stuff too), but it makes everything easier.

        • Desiree

          The thing is I’m schedule-y with everything else in my life I don’t know why I can’t get it together with the blog schedule. I’m gonna get it together, hopefully sooner than later.

  • I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. Being sick is the worst! Especially when you have little responsibilities running around.

    • Desiree

      Thanks. Yes it’s no fun, and mommy duties must go on.